2022-2023 Club Members Report

28th June 2023

Read our 22/23 season review and learn more about our plans for 23/24 and beyond.

The 2022/23 season provided a challenging environment for the Club to continue providing to the local community. With rising cost pressures across the board, a number of operational improvements across the Club have minimised the level of impact this has had on our footballing activities. That being said, the Club did have to make cuts in order to keep financial losses to a minimum.

Development Plan Progress

The Club is continuing to press forward with our development ambitions for the Links Avenue site. We have successfully incorporated as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, which gives us the legal standing to secure the lease on the land, and make further progress. Once the lease is secured with North Tyneside Council, we will be able to begin the application process with the Football Foundation to secure the funding required to complete the development.

Football Development

This season, the Management Team have reviewed the positions we currently have and identified a need to increase the representation of members who are directly responsible for both player and coach development. As the Club has grown, the Management Team structure has not evolved sufficiently in order to best support both our coaches and our players.

To support this going forward, a new structure has been put in place in order. Craig Williamson’s role as Secretary will move to solely the core administration of the Club.

Mark Goodwin will continue in his role as Head of Mini-Soccer, leading coach and player development from Development through to Under 10.

Steve Patterson has been appointed Head of Youth Football. Steve will complete a similar role to Mark, focused on coach and player development for our Under 11 through to Under 18 age groups.

We are working to not only develop internal resources for our coaches to access and use, but also seeking external training and development opportunities for all our coaches to provide better sessions and support player development.

Additionally, the Management team will be introducing new systems for the administration of teams, kits, finances and qualifications. This will allow coaches to dedicate their time to coaching, rather than admin.


As highlighted already, this season has seen significant financial pressure placed on the Club. 22/23 has been the first season for some time in which the Club has made a loss. Whilst this is partially due to significant development expenses to improve the pitches at Links Avenue, it highlights the importance of building a robust financial sustainability plan.


Total income for the 22/23 season was £87,479.10.

Following the introduction of fees payments via Paypal, we have seen a substantial uplift in fees compliance. This has been critical to ensuring the Club did not make significant losses during the 22/23 season.

The 22/23 season has highlighted the Club’s significant reliance on Player Fees income, which represents nearly 75% of the Club’s total income. In 23/24 the Management Team will be working to diversify the Club’s income sources by actively seeking extra sponsorship and grant funding as well as exploring new retail and advertising income opportunities.

Central club fundraising is an area where the Club is notably lacking, representing less than 1% of the Club’s annual income. This is another area the Management Team will focus their efforts on.


Total expenditure for the 22/23 season was £89,420.54.

Development Investment

22/23 saw the Club continue our significant investment in the pitches at Links Avenue, nearly £14,000, as we look to improve not only the Club’s ability to get as many matches played throughout the winter but improve the playing surface to facilitate better football. This investment will continue into 23/24. We will continue to receive Football Foundation PitchPower grant money to support this investment, but it does still require significant investment on the Club’s part to facilitate this work.

Alongside this major development work, the Club has spent a small amount on minor improvement works to the current clubhouse and changing rooms.

Football Operating Costs

Excluding spend that was funded by sponsors, the club’s expenditure on football activities in 22/23 was £54,026.44.

Pitch hire expenses have increased significantly over the last few years. The unprecedentedly wet weather we experienced over the winter and spring months resulted in extra matches having to be played on artificial pitches, also pushing costs higher.

Match kit for 22/23 was successfully funded via sponsorship or donations for all teams in 22/23. We hope to continue this trend into 23/24.

Finance Summary

In 22/23, the Club made a loss of £1,941.44. For 23/24 we anticipate our costs to increase across the board. We will be pushing forward with our Development ambitions for Links Avenue, and hope to secure the lease of the site in the next few months.

Whilst Player Fees have been adjusted for 23/24, we hope to minimise any future pressure to increase fees by increasing our efforts to increase revenue via sponsorship, fundraising and retail income.

Can you help us?

Reflecting on what has been achieved in the last twelve months, and what we still want to achieve, it’s clear we need more volunteers. The Management Team at Cullercoats Football Club is very small for the size of the Club and our ambitions. With all the Management Team members having full time jobs elsewhere, more volunteers are always welcome. If you believe you can support us with fundraising, operational improvements or just general support, please get in touch with the Club Chairman, Scott Mason, at [email protected].