Club Safeguarding Update

4th November 2021

An update from the Club regarding safeguarding procedures.

Gary Stephenson continues in the role of Club Safeguarding & Welfare Officer. He can be contacted direct by telephone on 07810 655483, or by email at [email protected]

If anyone has any potential safeguarding or welfare concern, please speak to your team coach, contact Gary, or otherwise report your concern to Ray Johnston – Northumberland FA Welfare Officer (see our Club website for full contact details in the Safeguarding section).

Now we are returning to Winter training venues, it is essential that we all follow the COVID19 guidelines as displayed at each venue. In basic terms we need to continue to wear a face mask indoors and retain safe distancing. Your team coach will remind you of the guidelines for each venue.

Northumberland FA staff will be proactively visiting club training sessions during the winter training programme. You may be approached by them and asked questions regarding our own Club safeguarding arrangements and your awareness of how to report a concern. The Northumberland FA staff will clearly identify themselves and are there to help you and the Club to remain safe at all times. Please take time to engage with them.

Please remember that young players accompanied by a parent or guardian must be handed over to and collected from the team coach at the training pitch entry / exit point. Only suitable qualified team coaches and assistants can lead, or have any involvement in the delivery of coaching sessions. The Club monitors compliance at all times.