Men’s Team

Our Men’s senior team currently play in the Northern Football Alliance Division 2. The Club have been Alliance members for over a decade and continue to strive to provide a pathway for all our Junior players to play adult football at a high standard.


Below is a list of players who have made ten or more appearances for our Men’s Senior team in the Northern Football Alliance since records began (2014/15 season).

1Christopher Connor122
2Scott Mason116
3Carl Paterson87
4Paul Foster84
5Thomas Patterson76
6Lewis Williamson66
7Alan O’Donnell64
8Daniel Gladstone63
9Jonathan Ranson62
10Johnny Watson61
11Martin Cobley61
12Michael Mains60
13Adam Stephenson59
14Andrew Mcclay59
15Jack Pickles58
16Eamon Nugent-Doyle52
17Elliot Mitchell50
18Chris Gillespie48
19Alex Mcewen46
20Jason Hall46
21Kian Parker43
22Luke Fergusson42
23James Bromham41
24Lloyd Leigh41
25Daniel Morton40
26Jake Greener40
27Hylton Hub39
28Jack Osborne37
29Lewis Vines37
30Michael Laws36
31James Ridley35
32Simon Wilson35
33Daniel Iredale33
34Karl Charlton33
35Sergio De Pina33
36John Ball32
37Richard May31
38Adam Tierney30
39Joe Thompson30
40Sean Abitogun30
41Ben Anderson29
42David Cooper29
43James Barker29
44Dillon Blake28
45Jake Newstead28
46Lewis Waters28
47Michael Starkie28
48Brian Dodsworth27
49Oliver Symons27
50Callum Goodwin26
51Liam Gunning26
52Luke Newton26
53Joe Hunter24
54Kevin Salmon24
55Ross Thomas24
56Jonathan Reynolds23
57Thomas Southwood23
58Jamie Spendiff22
59Joshua Moor22
60Luke Monaghan22
61Alex Luff21
62Callum Livermore21
63Lee Richards21
64Dean Mccarthy20
65Aaron Langlands19
66James Carr19
67Jay Buxton19
68Andrew Tallen18
69Conner Towes18
70Craig Cook18
71Kieran Cairns18
72Matthew Coaley18
73Phillip Smith18
74Stephen Moat18
75Will Coulthard18
76Jake Blackford17
77John Amos17
78Michael Heckles17
79Robert Patterson17
80Robert Watson17
81Alex Benjamin16
82Hamisi Hassan16
83Luke Middleton16
84Paul Newton-Eddy16
85Robbie Watson16
86Christopher Gillespie15
87Ethan Logan-Ross15
88Jack Shipley15
89Marcus Holmes15
90Ben Miley14
91David Shipley14
92George Pickford14
93Rui De Souse Martins14
94Christopher Barnfather13
95Josh Smith13
96Michael Pooley13
97Richard Latimer13
98Aidan Waldock12
99Anthony Young12
100Daniel Hindmarsh12
101Jack Odonnell12
102Jake Johnson12
103Lewis Carr12
104Michael Hammond12
105Ben Robson11
106Christopher Fairley11
107Darren Holmes11
108Joe Knighting11
109Leo Uweru11
110Mark Delaney11
111Paul King11
112Richard Munro11
113Ross Cunningham11
114Sam Worthington11
115Stuart Renton11
116Warren Home11
117Amritveer Punia10
118Dean Avery10
119Mark Waite10
120Zak Spence10

Top Scorers

Below is the top scoring players for our Men’s Senior team in the Northern Football Alliance since records began (2014/15 season, minimum 5 goals).

1Christopher Connor46
2Michael Laws31
3Carl Paterson27
4John Amos22
5Andrew Tallen21
6Conner Towes19
7Alex Benjamin17
8Joe Thompson17
9Craig Cook15
10Dillon Blake15
11Lewis Vines13
12Alex Mcewen12
13Joe Hunter12
14Paul Foster12
15Daniel Iredale11
16Hylton Hub11
17Michael Mains11
18Paul Newton-Eddy11
19Aaron Langlands10
20Adam Stephenson10
21Jake Greener10
22Jake Newstead10
23Luke Fergusson9
24Paul King9
25Alan O’Donnell8
26Brian Dodsworth8
27Elliot Mitchell8
28Dean Mccarthy7
29Jake Blackford7
30Michael Starkie7
31Anthony Young6
32Eamon Nugent-Doyle6
33Graham Williams6
34Kian Parker6
35Luke Newton6
36Phillip Smith6
37Rui De Souse Martins6
38Matthew Coaley5
39Richard May5

Last Updated: May 16th, 2024

Due to limited availability of historic data, only appearances for players who were still registered for the Club at the end of each season are recorded.