Payment of Club Fees (March, April & May 2020)

25th March 2020

Statement from The Club regarding Player Fees for the remainder of the 2019-2020 season.

We are clearly in unprecedented times following the escalation of the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent measures put in place to contain the virus. The Club acknowledges the financial impact placed upon a number of our players, parents and staff, resulting from loss of income.

Cullercoats Community Football Club runs as a ‘not for profit’ association, which means that we have very limited capacity in terms of financial reserves we can use to pay running costs. We are also in an uncertain period in terms of knowing how and when the current season will be completed. There is potential for an extension of time beyond May 2020.

With this in mind, we have considered freezing Club fees until we return to a training and games programme in the summer. However, this would place us in a position where we will run at a loss; thereby placing the Club into financial difficulties.

In the interim period, we would ask that Club fees continue to be paid up to and including May 2020. We will then be able to cover any costs incurred with extension of the season. The Club will consider the financial impact of the season at the Annual General Meeting in June 2020, and review Club fees for the new season starting August 2020.

In the immediate short term, the Club has a policy of considering cases of hardship and supporting individual players and their families, in terms of Club fee payments. We would therefore ask that anyone suffering financial hardship as a result of the current situation contact the Club confidentially at [email protected]. Cases will then be considered on an individual basis.

Please stay safe and continue to follow Government and Public Health England guidelines and directives.